3 Cohens

The story goes like this:
Our childhood was very different from the usual childhood stories.

The three of us shared a special love for music, it was what bonded our unique relationship and allowed us to experience a childhood that most siblings don't enjoy. Through music, we share an emotional and spiritual connection that goes beyond our familial ties. It is beyond words and the imagination.

The 3 of us have had a similar musical path. Growing up in Tel-Aviv under the same roof, attneding the same schools (the “Thelma Yelin” hish school for the Arts and the “Tel-Aviv School for the Arts”) and going in the afternoons to the same music conservatory (the “Jaffa” Music Conservatory).”
The 3 of us went through a classical music background which included some symphonic orchestral playing and found ourselves in love with Jazz. Following our passion we followed each other to studies abroad, at Berklle College of Music in Boston, where we all expended our musical horizons.

Our first album “one” is a continuation of our childhood, which was spent entirely immersed in music. Through music we are able to relive our childhood, share our individual world experiences, strengthen our relationships, influence each other’s individual styles, and continue in our adulthood living the moment with music.
Our debut album contains the joy of the process, the magical moments in the studio, and the chemistry between the musicians. One session that brought us all together from different places and paths we might have chosen individually. Each musician’s personality is clearly displayed, showing our different temperaments but demonstrating our abilities to play cohesively as one.

One session. One album. One family. One music. One.


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