NY Times Reviews "Una Nave" in May 9th Edition
Guillermo Klein

Below is Ben Ratiff's May 9th review of Guillermo Klein's album, "Una Nave." The album is available for purchase on May 10th. You can purchase the CD or download in our online store.

Ben Ratliff

"The composer, pianist and bandleader Guillermo Klein lived in New York from 1993 to 2000 before moving to Argentina, where he's from, and Barcelona, where he currently lives. But he was a source of inspiration, and he is still talked about. His jazz, if you want to call it that, is built from the ground up, starting with ideas about instrumentation, then rhythm, then harmony, then gesture. In one of his large ensemble sets, there could be brass choirs, Cuban rhythm, fugue-like passages, talking, whistling, mechanical repetitions over a groove, and bits of aerated rock.

Many of the better young jazz improvisers in New York gravitated toward him, but then he was gone. Some of his recent work has just trickled out in the past month: on a live album, "Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos Live in Barcelona" from Fresh Sound, and also on "Una Nave," recorded for Sunnyside in 2002 in Buenos Aires, with Argentine musicians.

Perhaps because he undercuts his own keyboard playing, often restricting himself to chorded vamps, Mr. Klein functions as a true composer, rather than a stirrer of the pot within certain fixed jazz idioms. (Sometimes he can remind you of Hermeto Pascoal and Milton Nascimento, other examples of uncontainable thinkers.)

The voice is part of his concept, and though he has no jazz-singing voice - it's more like a whispered growl - he uses it on several tracks here, including the beautiful "Nave," which often breaks up its lyric into a single word per measure; "Piernas," an aching, slow-moving song with brilliant harmony; and "Luci," a short and deceptively simple voice-and-piano piece. Elsewhere, "Venga" is all-out, static-harmony ensemble playing that keeps slamming down in the tonic chord. "Luminarias" and "Niza" are based on tango and milonga forms, and "La Ultima" uses the band's two trumpeters, Juan Cruz de Urquiza and Richard Nant, to trade off tiny melody shards over varying meters. It's an excellent record, and not like much else out there."


Luciana Souza's "Duos II" To Be Released on May 24th
Luciana Souza

"Ms. Souza doesn't mess around: over the last five years her albums have shown her to be an impressive singer of jazz and Brazilian music..."

-The New York Times

Sunnyside Records is pleased to announce the May 24th release of Duos II from singer and composer Luciana Souza. Duos II continues Luciana’s exploration of the Brazilian songbook that began on Brazilian Duos, the Grammy-nominated 2002 release which appeared on numerous Top Ten critics' list for that year. Guitarists Romero Lubambo and Marco Pereira rejoin Luciana for a deeper exploration of the guitar and voice interplay in great Brazilian music. The additions of Swami Jr.'s seven-string and Guilherme Monteiro's electric guitar introduce their own unique influences to this carefully chosen collection of songs by Paulinho da Viola, Chico Buarque, Nelson Cavaquinho, Ivan Lins, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Hermeto Pascoal, Caetano Veloso, and even a never-recorded composition written by Luciana's own songwriting parents, the poet Tereza Souza and singer-composer-guitarist Walter Santos.

In the years, between Brazilian Duos and Duos II, Luciana's recordings North & South (Grammy-nominated) and Neruda brought her new critical acclaim and recognition as a composer and arranger, with Neruda being chosen by the Wall Street Journal and NPR’s All Things Considered as one of 2004’s best albums. She has received superlative reviews for her vocal performances in the contemporary classical works of Oswaldo Golijov, La Pasion Segun San Marcos and Oceana as well as for El Amor Brujo by Manuel de Falla.

The release of Duos II kicks off a full summer schedule of club dates and festivals for Luciana. She will debut the new album material at a week-long engagement at New York's Jazz Standard beginning on May 31. The singer will also take part in a Jobim tribute to be held at the Hollywood Bowl on August 17. A new partnership with Universal Jazz France will introduce Luciana's recordings to the international community and presages more concert appearances around the world.


NPR Piece On "The Peace Between Our Companies"
Happy Apple

The new album “The Peace Between Our Companies” from Midwestern jazz marauders, Happy Apple, was featured on the April 23rd edition of NPR’s All Things Considered. This trio was also featured in a recent concert celebrating the music of Ornette Coleman at the re-opening of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Here is a link to the NPR piece:

Both Happy Apple releases on Sunnyside are available in our online store.


Kenny Barron Inducted Into American Jazz Hall of Fame
Kenny Barron

Arguably the preeminent jazz pianist living today, 9 time Grammy nominee, Kenny Barron was inducted into the American Jazz Hall of Fame on April 13th. Everyone at Sunnyside Records would like to our congratulations to this true legend!

2004's "Images," 2003's "Canta Brazil" and 2002's "Live at Bradley's" are all available on Sunnyside Records in the US and in our online store.

We are currently preparing a second volume of live material for a fall release. Check back with us later for more details!


Dave Holland's Overtime on NPR Weekend Edition Sunday
Dave Holland

Dave Holland’s new album “Overtime” was featured on the April 24th edition of NPR's Weekend-Edition Sunday. The discussion ranged from the challenges of keeping a large ensemble together to Dave’s plans for the future of Dare2. Here is a link to the piece on Dave:

Dave’s new record is available in Sunnyside’s online store


Dave Holland Nominated For 5 Jazz Journalist Awards
Dave Holland

Sunnyside Records would like to congratulate Dave Holland on being nominated for 5 Jazz Journalist Awards. Dave is up for the award for Musician of the Year, Composer of the Year, Arranger of the Year, Acoustic Bassist of the Year, and his big band has also been nominated for Large Ensemble of the Year. Quite a list!

In addition, four of his band members have also been nominated in their respective categories as well - Steve Nelson (Vibraphonist of the Year), Chris Potter (Tenor Saxophonist of the Year), Gary Smulyan (Baritone Saxophone Player of the Year), and Robin Eubanks (Trombonist of the Year).

Sunnyside released Dave Holland's new big band album, Overtime, on his new imprint Dare2 on February 22nd.

Sunnyside also released Chris Potter's most recent album, "Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard" and Steve Nelson's "Full Nelson" and 2004's "Fuller Nelson."

More information on the Jazz Journalist Awards nominees can be found at


Guillermo Klein "Una Nave" To Be Released on May 10th
Guillermo Klein

On May 10th, Sunnyside Records will release Una Nave, the new album the brilliant and enigmatic Guillermo Klein. Best known for his work with his large ensemble, Los Guachos, Guillermo returned to Argentina,the country of his birth to record this latest offering.

If you have never heard his music before or even if you have, we STONGLY encourage you listen to sound clips in our store. Trust us on this one. Words fail to describe his music.


Carolyn Leonhart's "New 8th Day" Available Now
Carolyn Leonhart

It seems like yesterday that Carolyn Leonhart released STEAL THE MOON – but its amazing how fast 5 years can pass by. What has this vocal phenom been up to? Two world tours with Steely Dan, including featured performances on their most recent albums, TWO AGAINST NATURE and EVERYTHING MUST GO, and fronting the popular Swiss pop group, Lyn Leon. Truly one of the most gifted vocalists of her generation, this long-awaited new release will serve to remind the jazz world how great Carolyn really is.

Listen to New 8th Day in the Sunnyside store!


An eMail That Would Make Anyone's Day
Joe Gilman

When Joe Gilman's album, Time Again: Brubeck Revisted Vol.2 was released in February, he got an email from Dave Brubeck himself and it was, shall we say, rather complementary. Read below. After you finish reading, check out Joe's splendid version of "The Duke" in the Sunnyside store.

"Dear Joe,
I have just listened to Volume 2 and find it as great as volume 1. When I got to the last track, "The Duke", I think that's one of the greatest things I've ever heard. Russell Gloyd and I were discussing it today and saying that the original title of The Duke was Duke Ellington meets Darius Milhaud, and now, to make it even more fascinating we have to include and Erik Satie and Arnold Schoenberg (bass line)."Take Five" also is beyond the beyond. I could not be more elated than I am right now. So, thanks again for another great CD. My compliments to Joe and Justin, too." -DAVE


Happy Apple To Appear at "Festival Dancing in Your Head"
Happy Apple

On April 22nd, Happy Apple will pay tribute to Ornette Coleman at the three-day “The Festival Dancing in Your Head” in Minneapolis, MN. The festival will also include a performance of The Bad Apple – a one-time only collaboration between Happy Apple and close friends The Bad Plus. And yes, Mr. Coleman will also be present. For more information please visit the Walker Art Center at


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