Chano Dominguez
Iman by Chano Dominguez cover

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Alegria Callada - 6:59
Era En El Mundo - 4:37
Bye Ya - 2:48
El Vaporcito - 5:15
Naranja Y Canela - 5:53
Hacia Donde - 5:14
Fumando - 4:03
Deseo - 5:40
Los Ejes De Mi Carreta - 4:43
Gracias A La Vida - 8:01
Mi Salsita - 5:17
Epitafio - 4:14
De La Pica - 0:52


Chano Dom�nguez - clapping, piano
Guillermo McGill - drums
Enrique Morente - vocals
Joaqu�n Grilo - clapping, foot stomping
Javier Colina - double bass
Ruben Dantas - cajon, percussion
Tino Di Geraldo - cajon, percussion

This is the another gem by flamenco/jazz pianist Chano Dominguez. The Cadiz-born pianist/composer has been fusing American jazz and the Andalusian dance music known as flamenco for years. But he's been a best-kept secret in the United States. That all changed in 2001 with his scene-stealing performance in the documentary-movie, Calle 54, which revealed the full color and complexity of his formidable fusion. Dominguez is not the first musician to meld jazz and flamenco. Miles Davis's Sketches of Spain and Chick Corea's My Spanish Heart are two excellent predecessors. But Dominguez, who was born on March 29, 1960, grew up playing the guitar and the piano and performed in Hiscadix Quartet, is the living link between both traditions.


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