Michael Leonhart
The Painted Lady Suite
The Painted Lady Suite  by Michael  Leonhart cover

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The Painted Lady Suite: Transformation in the Deserts Of Mexico - 6:16
The Painted Lady Suite: The Silent Swarm Over El Paso - 4:29
The Painted Lady Suite: The Experimental Forest, North Dakota - 8:54
The Painted Lady Suite: Countdown to Saskatchewan - 4:58
The Painted Lady Suite: The Arctic Circle - 7:02
The Painted Lady Suite: 1500 Feet Above the Sahara (Night) - 5:33
The Painted Lady Suite: 1500 Feet Above the Sahara (Day) - 3:24
In the Kingdom of M.Q. - 5:12
Music Your Grandparents Would Like - 5:40
The Girl From Udaipur - 6:55


Donny McCaslin - tenor saxophone
Michael Leonhart - trumpet
Sam Sadigursky - tenor
Nels Cline - guitar
Jamie Leonhart - voice
Homer Steinweiss - drums
Pauline Kim - viola
Matt Bauder - alto
Ray Mason - trombone
Dave Guy - trumpet
Charles Pillow - bass clarinet
Jason Marshall - baritone
Ian Hendrickson-Smith - baritone
Jay Leonhart - acoustic bass
Michael Leonhart Orchestra - Orchestra

The Painted Lady Butterfly is a remarkable and mysterious little creature. Its flamboyant coloration and wing ornamentation makes it one of the world�s most beautiful insects. But, it is its incredible migration, which spans over 9,000 miles and six generations, that makes it so intriguing. The journey of these miniscule travelers inspired trumpeter/composer Michael Leonhart to write and record his Painted Lady Suite for the Michael Leonhart Orchestra (MLO).


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